AMS Fest Midwest

1.5 Days Designed Just for Those in the Selection Process

Thought Leader Sessions. Case Studies.
Tactical and Strategic Breakouts. Platform Previews. More!

June 7-8, 2017
The Greenhouse Loft, Chicago

AMS Fest is 1.5 fully loaded days of networking and all the AMS learning and chat that one can possibly handle.

We’ll kickoff with a Daybreak (breakfast networking party) followed by an opening speaker and a couple unforgettable case studies. We’ll also get brief hellos from the AMS Companies. The afternoon is filled with two tracks: Power Strip and Level 30,000. Power Strip is the tactical series where you’ll walk away with a complete checklist on how to plan, select and implement an AMS. The alternative series is called Level 30,000 where we’ll hear from some of the top tech leaders in our industry on strategic management and execution.

The second day we’ll get pumped up again with a Daybreak then roll up our sleeves and get under the hood of the platforms with the 30-minute AMS Previews. Don’t want to attend an AMS Preview? That’s okay, we’ve got small facilitated Block and Tackle sessions that address some of the hottest topics in the association tech world. We’ll also hear the 2.0 discussion on the current status of tech investments in our industry.

It’s going to be another fabulous AMS Fest. Don’t take our word for it though. Here’s what some are saying:

“This was a very helpful event & excellent to meet so many association professionals experienced with a variety of AMS platforms. It was also very helpful to meet many vendors in a more informative and less-sales-pressured environment.” – Lincoln McNey, Director of Global IT, Internet Society

“AMSFest brings the feeling of a fireside chat to a vendor showcase. The sessions are set up to really help bring valuable information to the service and address many of the questions associations face in the AMS selection, implementation and management process. No matter what stage you are in you, there is valuable insights and expertise to draw on at this event.” – Chris Frew, VP,  Breezio

“I don’t know if it’s the intimate size, the creative scheduling, the interesting topics, or all 3, but this is becoming a must-attend for me. I’m working on getting to Chicago just so I don’t miss something awesome that happens.” – Leann Sheep, VP, Membership Operations, American Bankers Association

“…an excellent job of bringing the industry experts with captivating topics that every association should know about. First time attendees are always very happy with the collaboration and knowledge that they gain by attending. Even if an organization is not in the market for a new AMS they can benefit by attending the event.” – Angela Miller, Business Development Director, Altai Systems

“I went through the AMS transition process several years ago with another organization and I think I can speak for the whole organization by saying it would have been GREAT to have something like this then. My current organization is now in the selection process and AS SOON as I heard about AMS Fest I told my COO we should be there. Between two AMS Fests we have sent 4 staff (2 to Chicago & 2 to DC) and we’ve all gained a TON of useful information as we continue on this journey. I have no doubt what we have learned has already helped us and will continue to do so!” – Anne Nevel, Manager of Education Programs, Helicopter Association International

“Just say “Tech Conference” and some people (mistakenly) picture a bunch of dull, monotonous Dilbert look-alikes droning on about security, hacking, and servers. Forget that image. AMS Fest was lively, at times controversial, and yet filled with a unified crowd set on the same goals.” – Derek Leman, Operations Manager, 501CIO

“I thought AMS*Fest would be a standard technology focused “dog and pony” show where vendors explained all the best features of their product. There were useful vendor demos but also so much more. The event featured discussions around business, strategy and the future of the AMS marketplace. The conference provided many opportunities to meet fellow association executives as well as vendors and industry thought leaders. It was a fast paced two-days filled with energy… and fun.” – Eric Fishman, Director, IT, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

“A wonderful meld of association staff, AMS and AMS-related vendors and consultants, all designed to provide the associations with the most condensed and comprehensive information of AMS technology, vetting, selection and implementation. A must for any association thinking about, or in the throes of purchasing an AMS.” – David Schulman, Chief Cloud Strategist, ForceCounsel