User Key


Badge of Honor

FINALassncommitted All companies that have the Association Committed badge have proven a strong commitment to the association industry, invests heavily in association-related events, and provides a constant stream of thought leadership to the community.


CustomerService Does your AMS vendor respond to your organization’s requests in a timely and thorough way? Five stars is the best rating. 1 star is the worst rating.
EaseofUse Is your AMS intuitive and easy for administrators and members to use? Five stars is the best rating. 1 star is the worst rating.
Reliability Does your AMS have acceptable up-time and do the features work as expected? Five stars is the best rating. 1 star is the worst rating.
Customization How customizable or configurable is the platform for your organization’s specific needs? Five stars is the best rating. 1 star is the worst rating.
Blank When no stars are indicated, that means that the reviewer did not leave a 1-5 star rating for that category.


thumbsup Yes, the reviewer recommends the AMS.
Would you recommend? Yes, but with reservations. Yes, but with reservations.
down No, the reviewer does not recommend the AMS.


gift-512 When a review has a gift next to it, that means that the reviewer is indicating that they were incentivized to provide the review. All reviews matter – even ones that are incentivized – but we thought you should know which ones.

Dollar Signs

PriceRange AMS vendors are asked to give 1-5 dollar signs based on the price point of the solution. The AMS representative determines the level of dollar signs. Five dollar signs indicate a very expensive solution. One dollar sign indicates a very low cost solution.

Good Fits

GoodFits AMS vendors are asked to provide the best client fits for the solution. A check box indicates that the AMS representative thinks that type of organization is a good fit. A non-checked box indicates that the representative does not think that type of organization would make a good fit for the solution.

The Date


The date alongside each review represents the day that the reviewer submitted or updated the review.