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A Positive Perspective

“…The implementation process was smooth and easy. We love the staff and the customer service has been great. I really can’t recommend them enough. The prices are very reasonable and the product does everything we need it to do.”

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Don't you want to know if the AMS is like this?

“…sales promised the moon and delivered dirt. The system barely works for basic database management. An Excel spreadsheet would be almost as good. It is not intuitive and the user must be an IT specialist to get the hang of it. The worst aspect of is their rotten customer service. We have identified concerns regularly, and the staff is both poorly trained and unable to provide answers.”

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Enterprise level – 80/20 rule

“…Implementations and upgrades are extremely painful. We have to port over customizations and there isn’t a really good way to do it efficiently. Its not quite a 1:1 from implementation hours to upgrade hours, but pretty darn close. The technical teams assigned are not well practiced in software development and so expect there to be bad estimates, off schedule, and off-budget. So the fewer the customizations, the smoother your upgrade will go…”

Chief Staff Officer

Lives up to its name

“They were thorough and professional throughout the setup, and it was an exponential improvement over the AMS it replaced on the first day. The system works well right out of the box, but our association is very different from most others in that we deal with secondary school students, schools, and adults as members. We also produce large events and publish a monthly magazine and quarterly journal…”

Membership, Customer Service, Data Entry

AMS Actually Does Most of What was Advertised

“…the experience was night-and-day different compared to the last implementation we suffered through. We had a dedicated CSR checking on us to make sure we were completing the training and progressing along the way so we would meet our implementation deadline. He was knowledgeable and explained the options for setting up our database the way we wanted it. There are a few things that are less than perfect, such as…”

Chief Staff Officer

Great AMS but a little trigger happy

“…so eager to get these great new features out that they fall short on the QA side of the product release life-cycle. When issues are identified often times they are fixed right away …in the next patch. Overall, I believe that if they put more pebbles in the QA bucket they would tip the scales and have a really great product with solid releases…”


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