A Different AMS Model

Guest Post by Dan Ehrmann, President, ClubExpress, www.clubexpress.com

The first associations that looked to running their operations in the cloud, using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model were big organizations with an office, staff, and a budget. They wanted a custom solution that handled their specific and unique needs.

So the earliest SaaS-based Association Management Systems were designed for such associations. (See...Read more

Technology Gone Wrong… And How To Make It Right Again

Guest post by Jennifer Boykin, VP, Marketing & Growth, Protech Associates

Unless you’re completely new to the Association Management System process, you’ve probably heard – and experienced – a disappointment or two when it comes to living with your organization’s AMS. You may be asking yourself why some AMS implementations fail and what you, and your organization, can do differently to dodge these...Read more