Q: Why ReviewMyAMS.com?

A: An Association Management System (AMS) is one of the most important investments an association has to make. As humans, we highly value the opinions of our family, friends, and peers. With these two things in mind, it’s time for association executives to have a voice about how their AMS performs with regards to customer service, ease of use, reliability, and customization. It’s time for a place where executives can speak openly and honestly about their experiences with their AMS. It’s time for end users to have a collective voice in an incredibly competitive market.
Q: Who is the wizard behind the curtain?

A: Hello, I’m Teri Carden, association junkie and self-proclaimed girl geek in normal girl’s clothing. I’ve been an association executive for 7 years. Along the way I’ve been able to rub elbows with the association industry’s finest professionals (you know who you are). With the support of my mentors, colleagues, volunteer leaders, and bosses, I’ve always been able to fulfill my incessant desire to geek out at work. This meant testing and implementing new technologies such as online communities, stretching to new marketing heights with eye-catching campaigns, introducing new social media streams, and jumping headfirst into the mobile world. When I’m not face-to-face with the computer screen, I love to cook for my family, exercise, wrestle with the kids, explore craft cocktail bars, do nothing on the beach, travel to new places, and enjoy time with my friends.
Q:  Are you or the site associated with an AMS developer at all?

A:  I’ve been waiting for someone to ask if this was the brainchild of an AMS. The answer is absolutely not. Since I was the Marketing & Technology Director at FSAE for 5 years, I am still considered a resource (in many things technology) for my colleagues. The AMS topic is one trend that isn’t going away so I’ve decided to do something about it. It’s time for us to have some transparency in the complex world of the AMS marketplace.
Q:  I’m unwilling to take the time to post a review of an AMS if I will then be inundated with calls and e-mails from AMS providers using that review to hound me for meetings and demos to push their solution. How is the site funded? 

A:  The site is currently supported by sponsors of the site.  The reviewer’s email will NEVER be revealed or sold to any of the sponsors or anyone else unless requested by a court. So, the short answer is NO, you will NOT be receiving calls or emails from the sponsors. The value in sponsoring comes in the form of a listing format. This means that there is information in the right sidebar of the pages for readers to click-through to learn more about the AMS if they choose. I know what it is like to have vendors contacting you when you aren’t on the hunt for a solution so I’m particularly mindful of the tactic on the offerings to the sponsors.
Q: Will the AMS see my review?

AMS vendors are people, too. If they subscribe to the site or sponsor the site, they have access to read all of the published reviews just like any other interested individual. Remember that the reviewer’s name, organization or email address are NEVER published on the site or shared with anyone.
Q: Do AMS sponsors of the site get special treatment with the reviews? Example: are they allowed to request that a negative review be removed?

While we love the fact that there are systems that support this site and stand for transparency, it’s important to note that no AMS vendor can pay to alter or remove any reviews.  In addition, all reviews that are submitted must go through a 7 step validation process. Once approved, they are published. The special treatment that some sponsors have is the ability to publish a reply to a review. Keep in mind that the reviewers name, organization or email address are NEVER shared with anyone.
Q: What does the “Association Committed” badge mean?

A: All companies that have the Association Committed badge have proven a strong commitment to the association industry, invests heavily in association-related events, and provides a constant stream of thought leadership to the community. Not only are they supporters of our industry, but they are supporters of ReviewMyAMS, too.
Q: What if I don’t have an AMS to review? 

A: If you don’t have an AMS to review, that’s okay. You can still gain access to the reviews with a one-year subscription fee of $99. Once your payment is processed, you will receive login information and have all-access to the online reviews.
Q:  What if I don’t want to review my AMS but I want to see the results? 

A:  The model for this site coincides with the altruistic-like industry of associations and not-for-profits. It’s simple. Share your review and you gain access to read other reviews.  If you are reluctant to share, you can still get access to the reviews with a one-year subscription fee of $99. Once your payment is processed, you will receive login information and have all-access to the online reviews.
Q: What if I am a consultant or a non-AMS vendor and want to see the results? 

A: There are many businesses and individuals that are interested in the results. You can gain access to the reviews with a one-year subscription fee of $99. Once your payment is processed, you will receive login information and have all-access to the online reviews.
Q: What if I want to rephrase or remove my review? 

A: Your review will be posted exactly as it is submitted. ReviewMyAMS will not alter a review without the written request of the reviewer. We all say things we wished we didn’t and we all make typos. If you want to update your review, please complete this form.
Q: How long will my review be posted on the site?

A: The AMS landscape is evolving as rapidly as the 2016 presidential field. With the ever-changing nature of technology, older comments can sometimes provide a skewed view to the person seeking feedback. By renewing your review, you’re reaffirming that your perspective is still relevant and valid based on the current system. To renew your review, please complete this form.
Q: Why isn’t my review listed on the site yet?

A: ReviewMyAMS will do its best to ensure that all reviews are posted within 72 hours. We’re getting reviews everyday. Each email that submits a review has to be validated and each review has to be read. If you don’t see your review or haven’t heard from me about your review within 72 hours, please feel free to contact me at teri@reviewmyams.com to confirm the status of your review.
Q: I really want to use curse words to describe my platform. Is that allowed?

A: If your review shouldn’t be read by my 9 year old daughter, you will be asked to modify your review with more professional language prior to it being posted.
Q: This site obviously takes a lot of work, how can I help contribute to make it even better? 

A: This is probably the BEST question on the page! Thanks for asking. Yes, this site is quite an endeavor and all support is appreciated. For starters, you can share the site with your friends and colleagues. We’re aiming to be a household name and can’t do it without you. If you’d like to really up your game and want to financially support the site, I will definitely welcome your contribution and can promise that all monies will go directly to maintenance or upgrades of the site. Here’s a link where you can make an online gift. Even small amounts make the biggest difference. A very special thanks to all of those who have already shared!
Do you have a question that isn’t answered here?

I’m happy to answer. Contact me at teri@reviewmyams.com or 850-491-1390.